Words On The Wing


Migratory postal art

Sending out personal, unexpected ‘migratory’ art works to people via our wonderful postal service! Poem, painting, print, drawing - each work is personally produced, packaged & posted to you for your enjoyment & delight! We hope one of our art gifts will spark your imagination and help your spirits soar up high with the swallows & swifts!

Want to create your own bird-inspired artwork or poem to share with others in turn? We’ll provide the cards and stamps for you to pass on the love! Just email us at contact@articulatecollective.com

We are delighted to be able to announce our latest project, Words On The Wing! Migratory postal arts & Shadow stories with the The Early Bird & Fibsticks!

Inspired by our wonderful wild resident birds, and our very special seasonal feathered visitors - sources of great joy during this uniquely challenging time - ARTiculate, the Early Bird & Fibsticks, with kind support from Arts Council England, are helping to alleviate isolation and connect people by sharing migratory & story arts.

Shadow stories

Inspiring children & adults alike to write, perform and share their own bird-themed shadow tales! What birds do you see or hear, in your garden, by the sea, in the woods, at your window? Do you know a bird tale, or are you inspired by your bird art gift? Want to tell your bird story in a lovely new way?

We’re sharing special online ‘Fibsticks’ workshops to help you get started, sharing techniques, tips, materials & information, plus a ready-made, hand-made Magpie shadow tale for you to enjoy & be inspired by! Here it is...

Join our Words On The Wing community! Post & tag your #wordsonthewing pictures, words & stories - your work could be at the heart of our Words On The Wing follow-on events, which plan to link our partner commmunities on Scilly & in North Cornwall when circumstances allow. Find us on Twitter #wordsonthewing #articulatecollective, Facebook @articulatecollective & www.articulatecollective.com